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  We would like to invite you to our Forum devoted to the idea of shrink sleeve label technology development in Poland

Masterpress is Poland’s largest shrink sleeve producer and is one of the leading print converters with over 16 years of experience in printing and producing various types of high-impact decorative labels and carton boxes.

The basis of our operations and key to our success is commitment to excellence and has been awarded certificates for quality and innovation. Already holding the ISO 9000:2000 and with “Lean Manufacturing” and GMP/GHP fully implemented, the addition of ISO 22000 with HACCP this year will help ensure the quality and safety of our products to our customers.

In addition to our consultative and printing services, Masterpress sells shrink sleeve machinery offering our customers a complete shrink sleeve solution; from concept to the finished product. Our shrink sleeve application machinery, built for 24 hour operation, incorporates the latest developments and technologies in shrink sleeve applications, helping customers achieve high quality shrink sleeve results on the simplest to the most complicated shaped containers. As a complete shrink sleeve line integrator with a fully customizable range of shrink sleeve applicators, the right solution can be provided for low to moderate production rates up to high speed applications.

Utilizing our experience and staff expertise, we are in position to guarantee and maintain the highest quality throughout the sales and production process.

We look forward to customizing a solution for you!

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